We Try the World’s Most Powerful Coffee. Devil Mountain’s Black Label (video)

Maybe it was some friends who were reviewing energy drinks, blended in with watching too many episodes of the popular “Hot Ones” hot wing eating interview show, but something triggered me find the highest caffeine coffee in the world. That search lead me to Devil Mountain’s Black Label coffee, which clocks in at a crazy 1555 mg of caffeine!

So 1555mg may not mean that much to most folks, so to put that into perspective; a 14oz Dunkin Donuts Coffee is 210mg… so Black Label is more than SEVEN times as powerful than Dunkin Donuts coffee.

One cup of Devil Mountain’s Black Label coffee is like drinking more than 7 cups of Dunkin.

Just let that thought sink in.

This stuff even blows the doors off of energy drinks. Even the high-powered Bang comes in at 300mg for 16 oz. Black Label coffee is 1555mg for 12oz.

Oh and in a “damn that’s crazy, it can’t be healthy, that should be locked up and government controlled”… I got it from Amazon… in a Keurig K-CUP!


So me and a friend tried it out just as fall officially started… and in the overly long video below we take you through all the steps; Intro, Box Opening, Brewing, First Taste, Halfway… and the wired finish. Damn, already this is too long.

Jumping to Conclusions

It was very drinkable. The taste if anything was mild on a coffee taste, with some bitterness, but still very drinkable. We handled the burst of caffeine well, but definitely felt it’s impacts.

It’s probably not an every day drinker for most, but those times when you’ve been up late playing Doom Eternal, and have class or a meeting first thing in the morning… this will definitely be a huge “pick-me-up”.

Hey so drink this at your own risk! The US Federal Drug Administration recommends a max daily caffeine intact of 400mg. This is almost FOUR times that. If you are unsure of your heart or other health concerns, check with your doctor first, or just skip it.

How to Purchase

Below are links to order Black Label from Amazon. The links take you to the product page. Which brings me to my disclaimer. I paid for this coffee myself, and was not compensated for this review. But, if you order through the link, Amazon knows it came from my review and they give me a very small credit. YOU PAY THE SAME PRICE. So be a cool dude and use the link so I know that people are appreciating the reviews!

“Black Label”, Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, 10 ct.

“Black Label” Dark Roast Ground Coffee,

“Black Label” Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee,

“Black Label” 5 Lbs. Whole Bean Coffee, (80 oz)

Note: Devil Mountain also carries other varieties such as Dante’s Revenge, Inferno and Pumpkin Spice… Click one of the links above to get you to Amazon and click the Devil’s Mountain name link to see their other products on Amazon.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker, Single Serve & Full Pot, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Programmable

Play in browser above, or click HERE to get to the YouTube page.

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