ION Solar Rocker is Fun in the Sun

Ion Audio seems to have a never ending stream of products coming out in its BlockRocker line of portable speakers, and earlier this year we picked up the Solar Block rocker at BJ’s Warehouse club. Seriously we make a trip to BJ’s about once a month and it seems every visit has a different ION product speaker product!

The Solar Rocker really grabbed my attention… well, it’s SOLAR! I was already an owner of an older “Block Rocker” and I definitely had situations where the battery would die on me faster than I expected. Yes, the battery last 10s of hours (50, 75 or more depending on the model!) but that seems to be based on radio usage, and I found that connected to bluetooth it drains the battery much more considerably.

The Solar Block rocker brings all the features you’d expect from the ION product line… a big loud sound, long battery life, built in radio and microphone support… and this model also includes a little light show on the front of the device!

And of course it also has a solar panel for charging the battery. We’ve used the device outside and with bluetooth connectivity for music and have never had the batter run out on us… but this is FAR from scientific as I didnt put much focus on the length of run time, drain, and charging.

I promise that if my path crosses again with an ION speaker product, I will do a much more scientific review!

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